Susie Diamond in Leg fetish Hey there boys, it's me Suzie

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From: hotlegsandfeet

Date: October 16, 2005

Hi boys! It's Suzie D. Prague has been getting to me since the last time I saw you. This Czech. Guy likes us Slovak girls more, it's okay, everyone knows that, and there are lots of tourists, much, MUCH MORE than I am from, so I have been enjoying my International Cock. You American Boys are a great team. Monique has been absent from my life, even though I am aware of her presence. I hear Monique getting Dicked all week and it makes me giddy. George went off, I believe he is with another Chick, but I don't care, he was nice enough to connect me with Tomas (a good friend of his), so everything's fine. Tomas arrived and I immediately took him back to my bedroom. We began touching each other's bodies. Tomas started to rub and squeeze my tits. He sat down on my bed, and began to feel my legs. He reached up to lift my skirt, inspecting my round-tanned legs and then squeezing hard. It felt great, I could already feel the excitement in my stomach as he licked my arm and kissed it. Tomas laid me on his bed and began to rub my legs. He reached up and touched my feet, before slowly kissing my foot. My foot began to swell and he started kissing me. I removed my top, and we started playing with our tits. He then started massaging my pussy and my feet. Tomas began to lick and kiss my leg, then he took off my shoe and began to rub my feet. He continued to lick and suckle my toes. My foot was placed in his lap, and I began to rub his dick. It was large and growing fast. Tomas reached for his cock, and I wrapped both my naked feet around it. My hand was wrapped tightly around the cock, jerking it up and down. I then laid flat on my back, slurping and jerking on my big cock. Tomas slapped my bottom and I slipped onto my feet. He then spread my stomach wide, spit in my cunt and began to lick my ass. He wrapped his feet around my feet and began to stroke it. I then rolled my feet over and then he started to pump his cock. I was so excited that I had never seen my feet fucked like this. Doggy was my partner. Tomas climbed up from his rear and began to fuck me while I squeezed my stomach and rubbed my thighs. Tomas pulled his smooth cock out of my wet twat, and then laid it down behind me. He grabbed my leg, lifted it up, and then began to fuck me as if he had never stopped. Tomas began to pound at my cunt, rubbing my feet and legs with his long, heavy, and strong strokes. Tomas sat down on his knees, and he wrapped his feet around my feet. As he fished my feet I held my knees tight and leaned my legs to one side. He's a very naughty boy. Tomas quickly took my top off and laid it down. I then got up on the top and wrapped my feet around his thick cock, stroking him off. Tomas began to rub my cunt upward and downward, and it was very sloppy. I quickly grabbed my top and gave it several strong strokes, then pulled it up with my wet twat. He was pumping my cunt hard, and he was doing it fast. After removing his cock, I stroked it with my fingers and then put him back into my pinky wet hole. He started to bounce up and down. As he began to push his thickness deeper into my hole, I reached down and started to rub my poor cunt. Tomas laid on my back and slid his smooth throbbing cock into my cunt. Then he kissed and sucked my toes. Tomas pushed his cock into my puss, and he began to fuck me hard. It was like the Ice Cube song. After getting back up on my feet, Tomas pushed his long cock into my hole and fucked me three-point Doggy Style. His slick, throbbing cock slipped from my juicy tail. I lay down on my stomach and lifted my feet. Tomas reached for my feet, grabbed them and began to rub his hard cock on my feet. He fucked my feet more than ever before. Then he took out his cock and pulled himself away until his creamy load was all over my feet. His cum was all over his feet, from the heels up to the toes. I have to admit that I felt a bit left out, so I scrubbed my feet and then cleaned my hands.

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