Samantha Green Eyes Leggy in her leopard skins!

Tags: Masturbation   Slow Mo   Ferrara Gomez

Category: Fetish porn


Date: January 03, 2008

Sexy Samantha is a brand new version with good looks and a body that will get your mouth watering! Enjoy this delicious solo scene brought you by DDF!Green eyed and bushy tailed, or if we express Pushy tailed ( That's when a girl has an ass that's so fine, all you want to do is behing her and hers pushy to her candy cock holster! ) Yeah, Samantha gets all of the perfect motions as she intimidates us into her leopard print lingerie and Deny's crews sweep in using all the HD shots of her long slender legs coated in pantyhose (Perfect for rubbing onto our balls!) . She slithers across the mattress with her clothing rhythmically falling from her physique. From here on out, it is about her ten twinklers and the soles of her feet, perfect for shooting at onto, but every once and awhile we get a real shot of the pushy from the side!

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