Maitresse Madeline MarloweJavier LoveTongue in 69 #GiveYourMoneyToWomen

Tags: 69   Rough Sex   Cbt   Pussy Eating   Gag   Corporal Punishment   Pegging   Dominatrix   Orgasm Denial   Bdsm

Category: Toys

From: divinebitches

Date: October 2, 2015

Pay up. ItA's easy. ItA's not easy for some to grasp that the purchase of anything doesn't mean you receive ANYTHING. You might get a gift for your sadistic pleasure if youAre fortunate. Do you think I should win that hard-dick? Please. IA'll put it on your head and watch your mistress feign a smile as I slap you. WhatA's so funny about that? I'll get more. You will pay me more if you bite my dick. Andrew JacksonA will wipe my cunt on mine. That's the only man who knows how to please. IA will strip you off your ego while IA count my dollars bills. IA also invade your body with my strap-on, cocky and I count even more. You won't be able to remember what actually happened, but you can rest assured that you'll come back stronger than ever.

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