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Tags: Lesbian

Category: Pissing

From: hdwetting

Date: January 5, 2022

This video does not contain any Vampires. Alisha and Sosha are seen in this video peeing in each others' pants and getting naked. As the sun sets, Sosha and Alisha engage in passionate outdoor make-out sessions. They make out and then take off their shirts to grope one another's breasts. Sosha acts funny. Sosha is bent over, rubbing her legs together. We soon see the reason: A darkened stain appears on her left leg. Sosha has peed in her pants. Alisha is only excited by SoshaaEUR(tm). Alisha immediately helps Sosha get out of her wet pants. Alisha licks Sosha's pussy after Sosha has stripped down. Alisha must now pee. Sosha lays down while Alisha, who is wearing a topless shirt, watches over her. Sosha looks on as Alisha poops in her pants. Sosha is sprayed with urine as it spouts out of AlishaaEURTMs pants. Alisha finishes peeing, Sosha takes her pants off. It is now SoshaaEUR (tm)'s turn to kiss Alisha. We watch Sosha lick AlishaaEUR (tm), causing her an incredible orgasm.

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