Katharine Cane Master Training Katherine Kane Day 2

Tags: Bdsm   Anal   Humiliation   Muscle   Discipline   Straight   Corporal Punishment   Master   Oral Sex   Katharine Cane

Category: Gay porn

From: Thetrainingofo.com

Date: July 13, 2012

Following an amazing first day, people choose to shell out now testing Katherine's endurance. She is placed in a cage , blindfolded, also made to use every muscle in her body to hold up herself. She is sadistically pushed and this is the beginning of the day. While still in the cage, pipes are added to control her. Bastinado ensues and Katherine shows weakness. This proceeds until I'm fulfilled her reactions, and another orgasm is ripped out of her body. She is spread eagle against the wall and forced to endure intense orgasms and heavy flogging to finish.

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