Kandy in Feet Weighted Balls and Over Mommy's Knee Clubstiletto.com

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Category: Squirt

From: clubstiletto.com

Date: August 10, 2018

Kandy has been fixing Junior for years. Today is no exception. Junior was humiliated by Kandy, who put on a pink apron to make him carry a 10 pound weight of food around the house with his nuts. Junior asks her, "What does Daddy think?" She knows full well that he will probably throw Junior out the door and into the can. Junior cannot escape Mommy's blackmail. Junior has developed a dependency on Mommy through his training and will do whatever she requests. Junior hears Kandy say that she has always wanted to have a child but found Junior, so she will now be Kandy's little girl. Junior was able to talk back to Kandy yesterday, and she needed both punishment and a hard spanking. that and her wooden stick. Kandy informs Junior that she wants only two words from him: Yes Mommy, and Thank You Mommy. Junior's pink hair is matched perfectly with his pink apron by Mommy's time. This clip is for those who have ever imagined being verbally humiliated over Mistress KandyaEUR (tm).

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