Kandy in CorporalPunishment Sweaty Outdoors Walk Part 2 Clubstiletto.com

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Category: Feet

From: clubstiletto.com

Date: July 4, 2016

Kandy is tired from walking for hours in the woods and needs to get rid of herself. Kandy places herself on top of a log and orders that you lie down underneath. She then pulls out her pants. Open wide, bitch! Every morsel is yours to consume. Kandy is going to confront you if you fail to do this! This girl is serious! To be considered toilet slaves, they must have full access to the bathroom and not leave any waste behind. Kandy won't stop a person from walking by this public area. She doesn't mind if you are in this kind of compromising situation. Kandy finally gives up on herself and continues to walk. Your miserable, brown-colored mug follows you a few steps behind. That's how low you have fallen. You will sink further. Your Outdoor Toilet has been named after you!

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