Jennifer White Brunette Peeping Jane

Tags: Jennifer White

Category: Brunette


Date: September 22, 2014

Scene Jennifer just got in from a long flight, and feeling less than good, '' She decides to take a shower to freshen up a bit.

While Jennifer is draining adriana Chechik comes . The Peeping Jane is even more eager to hold her curves securely in her hands that are seductive, and eager, to observe that the woman! Jennifer is surprised to hear that the hotel has sent Adriana to give a free massage but more surprised when Adriana starts to massage her round buttocks, but it is such a soft touch that Jennifer can not withstand relaxing into a trance. Adriana goes to the feet of Jennifer, caressing each one lightly with her expert hands. as you've hoped, Adriana slides from her shirt, also continues to massage the perky tits of Jennifer, and she arrives at Jennifer pussy, also at long last! Jennifer's been hoping the entire time that Adriana could help her achieve a release. After sucking and fingering the soft moist pussy of Jennifer, Jennifer is feeling fulfilled exactly the way she constantly hoped!

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