Isabella Clark FULLHD Chief Executive Throat

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Date: September 17, 2014

To succeed in the contemporary big business world, you must have a really impressive resume of accomplishments...which you discover to your dismay in today's POV video when you are interviewed for a potential job by CEO Isabella Clark and are found to be under-qualified! Yes, it seems you've been trying to get by in life with a minimum of skills and knowledge, and that will not cut it at Ms. Clark's company. Still, don't worry, all is not lost...because she has a SPECIAL job you might be VERY qualified to fill!You see...Ms. Clark, despite her high-powered position, has a need to kneel and give cock sucking EVERY DAY to an appropriately big dick. YOU may measure up for this! The interview starts again, but this time, there are fewer words and instead lots of deepthroat, balls licking, cleavage plowing, and cumming on the CEO's tongue!You've got the job! Starting tomorrow, just report to the CEO's office for your daily orgasm, and a weekly paycheck is guaranteed.

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