Hazel Hypnotic in Spanking Back to the Barn Infernalrestraints.com

Tags: Spanking   Blow Job   Vaginal Penetration   Ring Gag   Foot Torture   Shackles   Inverted Suspension   Single Tail   Marks   Drool   Pogo   Ass Caning   Vibrator   Cage Suspension   Oral Penetration   Whi   Celebrator   Foot Caning

Category: Feet

From: infernalrestraints

Date: June 21, 2012

Hazel Hypnotic is here to make men happy. Matt and PD are here to remind her. She is not worth anything if she doesn't manage to keep her cocks on the right track. They should not think that way. They will only find tears if they try to come up with a reason for her to stay around. Although she may be able to tolerate a bit of pain from her sex, it becomes almost too much for her when the two sadists try to get her.

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