Goddess Ginger Caning Tessa Crane's Torment

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Date: July 15, 2017

Goddess Tessa Crane brings her servant that is to the brick pool terrace and her buddy Goddess Ginger. Before creating a masterpeice on his pale ass along with her experience that is caning goddess Tessa orders her servant. Goddess Tessa puts her home on a seat where she has ready to cane his ass leaving red marks all over the blank white canvas. Goddess Ginger gets in on the action with a couple backhanded swats that make his slave ass jiggle from the impact. The poor slave cant sit still throughout the caning, which make the Goddesses cane his bitch butt harder, and even more. Goddess Tessa Crane and Goddess Ginger have finished caning their slave and wonder why mother nature would provide this pitiful slave balls at the first place, because he doesnt know what to do together. Goddess Tessa spins his balls until they turn purple until putting them with her finger nails. By inputting Goddess Cranes name and the pitiful slave makes a mistake. Goddess Crane subsequently gets really angry at her dumb slave bitch and begins with the penis and ball torture. Goddess Tessa Crane gets a running start until kicking on his balls repeatedly then asks Goddess Ginger for aid training the slave as she cant look at him. They administer cbt torture by yanking him in his useless balls on the pathetic slave till he doubles over in pain. Goddess Tessa Crane decides to present her servant one opportunity to please her by introducing her huge black cock to suck on for him. Goddess Crane compels him make it dripping wet and to deepthroat her cock. Goddess Ginger is currently liking what she sees and asks when she can find a turn fucking the servant bitchs mouth along with her extended cock . Her disappointing slave then bends over and buries her big strap on cock into his man pussy hole. While pegging her servant on, she rocks her hips back and forth. Prior to making him a used up and pathetic heap onto the pool patio, humiliated to see goddess Tessa Crane and Goddess Ginger spit roast their servant bitch.

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