Gabriel in Bend It Like Gabriel

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Date: October 3, 2007

A good thing is hard to resist, especially when you have a smooth, muscular body and a 28-year old with a thick accent. Gabriel let the whole thing hang out a few months back, and it was only a matter of time before we were able to capture that perfect body with that heavy, uncut and girthy piece of beef. Gabriel is a gentle, soft-spoken man who can be sexy when dressed. But once his clothes begin to fall off, it's like he's the Clark Kent from Budapest. Gabriel wears a scarlet jock instead of his red cape. Within 30 seconds, Gabriel's shirt has been taken off and his pants have fallen. The red pouch shows signs of life not found in a comic book, but an X-rated centerfold. Men this hot don't make fun of each other! His handsome, expressive eyes look like they want to share something with you. As you look down at his powerful physique, which is even more lean and defined this time, your eyes will be drawn to his waistband. You won't wonder what he is thinking, but you will. The band is pulled low by him, showing the contours of the his abdomen. He then turns around to show the perfect bubble butt and the round white globes. He spreads his arms wide and reaches for the mattress. He waits until he's sure that you want to jump on the bed, and then he pulls the waistband down. The heavy, jacketed sausage screams and then throbs in his flat stomach. The sack has already been rolled into a ball, and the shaft of his sack is filled so much with blood it is a jaw-breakingly thick pipe of disgusting meat. His shaft is sharply curved when he stands up, and features a nearly 45-degree turn that makes his head point at the wall. It is hard to imagine how a bend such as that looks when he is drilling that hole. His foreskin is pulled back and his pink, tapered business end is visible, leaking an endless stream of cum. Standing, he looks almost like a Greek statue. In the last moments of his struggle to hold back the weight, his face trembles as he spits out heaps of jizz. We hear him tell us it made him hungry and, to be honest with you, it has also had the opposite effect on us. We suddenly feel hungry - what about you?

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