DragonLily in tournament Isis Destroyed on the Mat! Dragon Makes her Cum Blast from the Past Ultimatesurrender.com

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Date: July 14, 2013

DirectorA's Choice: Past Summer Vengeance Matches Re-lease This match dates back to season 7. This is the quarter finals of the 2010 Summer Vengeance Tournament. In single elimination, the top 16 wrestlers will battle it out! The ISIS LOVEThe GoddessHT is 5A’6WT at 124lbsSeason Record (5-0)Raised 7thDRAGONLILYThe dragonHT: 5A’4WT at 124lbsSeason Record (4-0) Ranked 1stThis was the most exciting match that we have shot. This season, both wrestlers were undefeated. They are both veterans of Ultimate Surrender's first season, and were the only two on the roster that season. They are the two most skilled wrestlers in this franchise. The Dragon conquers The Goddess and makes her feel humiliated. Incredible hold after hold are put on Isis, and she can't defend her pride or protect her pussy. Isis is able to use the body and head scissors as well as holds that only the Dragon can do. Dragon touches Isis, and she moans on the mat often. Isis just seems to be outclassed and overpowered at every turn. The Dragon holds Isis and then fingers two ground-shattering ORGASMS onto the mat. Isis becomes a miserable cumming whore, and is unable to defend herself. Isis gets fucked even more in RD4 by the Dragon and forced to squirt her entire body. In one match, all pride and glory are gone. IsisA is defeated and defeated. She is now left alone on the mat. You can show your support and leave a comment to thank her for everything she did for the sport.

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