Codi Carmichael Massage The Apprentice

Tags: Lesbians   Rimming   Fingering   Kissing   Massage   Codi Carmichael

Category: Fetish porn


Date: December 20, 2010

Scene When the hot babe of a client, Codi, comes to the massage parlor, she tells her hot babe of a masseuse, Rayveness, that she has never had a full body massage before. After Rayveness explains the procedure, Codi gets completely undressed and lies on the massage table. When Rayveness comes in, she explains more about the procedure and confesses that she enjoys her job because she gets to touch people when they are naked. She notices that this piques Codi's interest, so she adds that they have job openings for masseuses. Codi gets completely turned on during the massage and Rayveness is happy to know this will be her next sexy masseuse trainee. Then, she makes sure Codi gets a once in a lifetime orgasm.

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