Christie Stevens Cunilingus The Hidden Touch

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Date: May 29, 2017

Scene Masseuse Kat Dior bought a Small vibrator that was Brand New .

She shows it to her colleague Christie Stevens who includes a plan to stick it in a client that is hot and massage her together. Just afterward, Nikki Knightly walks in from the mall with lower back pain. They agree to take her providing her a second pair of hands at no charge. This is the first time with two women of Nikki. After Nikki lies face down and gets naked, petroleum is applied by the masseuses and identify her knots. Kat pushes her legs to Christie massages and her shoulder. Subsequently, Christie introduces the vibrator as a tool called the chakra wand. She asserts that it opens the root chakra in the inside, and it slides in just like a tampon. Nikki does not know exactly what a tampon feels like. But when Kat and Christie fit the little apparatus, Nikki feels it go in. Kat and Christie make small talk with the client before turning the batter. The lesbians flip the power switch when Nikki admits she's a virgin and rescue herself for mister right. Nikki is gripped by the strangest feeling. She is currently tingling around and doesn't know why! Nikki turns over onto her back thinking which will help. Her legs are massaged by christie, and her breasts are rubbed by Kat, When Nikki questions the breast massage, Christie turns the energy around the vibrator out that. Nikki's entire body recoils in the jolt of delight. The masseuses attribute the chakra stick and play stupid. Christie licks on her clit and takes it out. Nikki's pussy is sensitive from the vibrator, she nearly cums the minute Christie's mouth makes contact. Christie and kat get undressed to fuck the virgin. The two lesbians climb on the table. Kat sits on Nikki's head and Christie maintains eating till Nikki cums difficult, her snatch. The threesome reconfigures. Kat and Nikki eat Christie Christie's tongue is ridden by kat. Then Kat gets a taste of Nikki while Kat's asshole is rimmed by Christie and prods her pussy. Nikki licks out Kat's delicate pussy till she squirts all around the massage table! While cumming in the mouth of Kat, nikki sticks her tongue Christie's buttocks !

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