Casey Kisses in slim A Helping Hand: Dale Savage Helps Relieve Stressed Boss Casey Kisses

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From: tsseduction

Date: April 28, 2020

Casey Kisses has a stressful day at work. Dale Savage, her custodian asks Casey what's wrong. She gives him a wink, and then she puts her books on the floor so that heAad to reach over and grab them. Dale sneaks behind her and places a ball-gag inside her mouth. She is stripped naked by him and laid her flat on her back on top of her desk. CaseyA lifts her legs with leather ankle cuffs and attaches them to a spreaderbar. Dale rubs her perfect tits, and then takes a bite of her hard-boiled cock. Casey attaches clover clamps to her nipples. He loves the pleasure mixed with pain. Dale begins to spank her and deep-throats the big cock. He then grabs a leather flogger and hits her thighs and asses. After he has finished with the kiss, he lets her go of her restraints and then tells her to sit down on her knees. Dale loves every minute of the moment and fucks her while she strokes her hard-core cock. The two of them get on the leather sofa and take a fling each other's throats. Casey then presents his sex to Dale. He goes wild licking her stomach while she strokes his cock. Dale then inserts his hard cock into her pretty, raw asshole, and she is fucked fast and hard. She then gives her a good pounding and flips her over to put her legs behind her head. Dale takes her ass and strokes her hard cock while she fucks it. Then he continues to fuck her with his cum. Casey is instructed to sit down on her knees, and Dale will fuck her until she cums.

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