Britney Lesbian Magnificent mammary massage!

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Date: February 29, 2012

Brunette Sirale and blonde Britney have a meeting of their mams since they give each other massages. It is the turn of Britney first as her leans on and kneads her knockers with several oil. As Sirale works, we see her 34F cleavage in her. The massage gets Britney understandably worked up, and she plays her pussy and carries away Sirale's bra. Sirale climbs onto the desk and the two ladies mash their breasts. Subsequently Sirale gets on the desk and stands on Britney, that takes down the brunette's panties. This is when the action really heats up, while playing with her pussy as Sirale's boobs are hungrily licked and sucks by Britney. We get some amazing shots as his teams arrive to reveal Britney's tongue licking the smooth elegance of the sugar sacks of Sirale, really glomming in all of their goodness and the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco. It's the turn to feast of Sirale. Sirale leans over and blows off on the blonde's buttocks while Britney crouches table. As we see the rounded fullness of the 38Ds of Brit, the graphics are almost three-dimensional in their vividness. With a grin Sirale licks it into closeup and takes a handful of tit. Then it is her turn for a massage.Stretching out about the desk, Sirale submits her beautiful body to Britney's skills. The blonde sensuously rubs it in, and pours oil all over her friend's bosom. Because she does that work we get some nice tittie pictures of Britney. The nipples of Sirale are tweaked by her tightly between her hands, and she leans over while receiving her massage, thus Sirale can suck on her boobs. These gals seem like happy fulfilled campers then, as they get back into their and wind down

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