Brandi Mae Feet Muscle on Muscle Only One can Win and Only One gets Fucked

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Date: December 05, 2018

Brandi"the boulder" Mae is a muscular superwoman taking on a lean, mean Cheyenne Jewel. Watching these two muscle goddesses clinch upward is utterly sexy. Their muscles flex with every hold. Cheyenne Jewel gets captured at Brandis Legs plus it appears that issue to Cheyenne. Brandi Mae is strong and strong, which after she catches a hold of you, it is practically impossible to get busted free. We've got 20-second penalties after a submission that are terrific for building women up . The winner is announced after 3 hard fought wrestling rounds. The winner gets the worship muscles and her feet. The winner awakens the loser back on the mat with a mare face sits her. The failure body is used by the Winner . Face fuck the fuck and body fuck. The winner employs the Warriors bicep for a masturbation toy then sits on her face, has an orgasm along with the lifts and conveys the loser.

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