Andrew Justice TattooPiercing Coach's Dirty Secret Part 1

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Date: June 25, 2015

Coach Andrew is at the office going over a baseball diagrams. Aspen confronts and comes walking Coach over why he's being benched for the upcoming match. Coach tells him its coverage than you have to sit out a match if your grades are not up to par. Aspen really needs to play in the game and he is the best player he seduces his way to be got by the athlete. Coach doesnt need to do it but Aspen knows Coach has been checking his body out in the showers and gets noticed that he's got a big penis. Coach gives so long as nobody finds out what they are currently doing. Coach pushes Aspen and pulls down his shorts and starts to suck on that cock that is sexy. Aspen is at bliss as Coach strokes and sucks cock like a professional. Aspen would like to see how large Coachs cock really is so that he brings out that enormous head and gets on his legs and starts to suck it grips tight around the shaft. Coach is ready to teach his pupil a lesson and as he bends over his desk pushes into Aspens tight enthusiastic buttocks. The pain is excellent for Aspen as Coach takes pleasure going in his tight ass with his big cock that is headed. Coach fucks shoots and Aspen with a thick load that covers his chest and almost hits him in the face. Coach has although aspen is extremely pleased he gets to play at the game now.

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