Alexander Jock Alexander

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Date: August 27, 2012

"You have lots of hair!" "Yeah I understand!" Alexander replied with a laugh. "You must have seen me as a kid. It had been out of control! "Alexander is a fresh arrival to southern California - hes a west coast transplant. He moved here with his buddy, and both of them have started searching for modeling jobs. "Everyone keeps telling me I should move to LA if I wish to make it" he stated, crunching up his nose in a clear expression of distaste. "But I really love it here..."He had been eyeing the sea, along with the shore, the sand, and also the people. He'd his skim board and he wished to show us his skills. The waves werent working in their own favor. "The skim is awful now," he said with a gloomy little frown.That was that not the only frown I ever saw on him, however. Hes an incredibly charming guy who likes to make different people contented. "Once I lived on the east shore, I noticed that a whole lot of folks were just rather cranky," he clarified. "I transferred here trusting that if I surround myself with happy people, perhaps Ill be happier!"

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