Alex Blake Long Hair My Step Sister And Her Hot Friend

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Date: August 03, 2017

Alex Blake and her buddy Carolina Sweetss stepbrother Kyle Mason are flirting if he calls his stepsister ugly. The women come up that they need him to use some lotion to massage them loose and with a strategy to fuck with Kyles head: They get naked and tell Kyle who theyre paralyzed. Kyle rubs it in her tits and landing strip twat and drops the lotion onto Alexs belly. When Kyle proceeds to give Carolina the identical treatment, the women reveal that they can move.Alex whips out Kyles stiffie and starts sucking on Carolina watches. Slurping mouth and her moaning palms lure Alexs invite that is blatant to be accepted by Kyle when she invites him and spreads her thighs. Watching the show they set leaves Carolina adventuresome and horny, and if she introduces his bum to him at a challenge he happily takes her up. Soon he is balls deep in Carolinas creamy nude fuck hole off as Carolina yells her excitement that is deep. Eventually Carolina flips onto her back to observe Kyle fucking her, an incredible sight that somehow makes her hotter than ever.As Carolina comes from her powerful climax, Alex takes her spot in front of Kyle on her hands and knees. His hips push to the blond coed while she buries her head at Carolinas creamy snatch to feast on her friends juices. The two women work to deep throat and get onto their bellies his dick when Kyle has performed stud properly to completely satisfy Alexs needs. Their efforts bring off him, priming him to shower them into a double facial of cum.

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